I'm Shannon Blair, Certified Nutritionist

I take your nutrition seriously so that you don't have to. I can help you find the right solutions for your lifestyle, budget, and needs.​

My specialization is helping clients live more plant-forward lifestyles that will benefit everyone in the family--while keeping strategies practical.

Do you need:

  • nutritious, delicious recipes?

  • answers to your questions? research-backed ideas to try?

  • support and accountability?

  • DIY savvy in the kitchen or grocery store? Tips & tricks?



I'm flawed. And, pssst, human too.

  • It takes me 15 minutes to leave the house. For a 5-minute errand.

  • I can be a little (okay, a lot) messy.

  • I'm an overachiever and overly analytical.

  • Peanut-butter-chocolate-anything is my Kryptonite.

But I'm a really good problem solver and pretty creative. As a former educator, I'm also pretty adept at finding ways to help people achieve--on terms that work for them.

That's why you're here though, right? 

Good for you because wellness is not just good health. It's good health actively pursued! That's where I come in. Nutritional awareness and savvy are vital to overall wellbeing; however, that can be challenging day-to-day (and overwhelming when searching online). My own household is bustling with two growing children. Plus, I know how difficult it can be to make real adjustments during the middle decades of life.

In 2020, I decided it was time to make meaningful changes happen. I was parenting two remote learners during a pandemic full-time, in the workforce full-time, and attempting to have a life--at least part-time. I could not reach that place (mind, body, or soul) that my doctors and I agreed was best... Until I educated myself, used research-based strategies, and worked incrementally each day toward progress over perfection. Now I am lighter in more ways than one and armed with healthier living know-how.

I've learned firsthand how less can be more. 

It has been rewarding to help clients find this for themselves, and I'd like to help you attain it too.